Warm Up: – 2 min squats

2 min mtn climbers

2 min situps

2 min single unders

WOD: – Partner “Gut-check”

50 twisty toss situps

50 T2B

50 Wall balls

50 walking lunges

50 jumping pullups

50 box jumps

Competition Team

Warm Up: – 1/2 “Angie”

Skills: – DU practice – 12 min

OTBox burpees

Strength: – 50m partner carries

WOD: – 2013 Ruckus WOD # 1

Complete the prescribed repetitions of each exercise before

moving on to the next exercise in the prescribed order:

Team Buy-In = Burpees (Scaled35)
1. 40 Kettlebell swings (Scaled 35/20)
2. 30 SDHP (Scaled 65/45)
3. 20 Slam balls (Scaled 20/15)
4. 10 Ground-to-Overhead (Scaled 95/65)
Team Cash Out = 50m bear crawl 

* All team members are to begin with burpees at the same time, but each member must have completed their individual burpees before the team can move on
* The middle four drills (1-4) are then performed with each team member at a different station. They rotate in the order listed and only move on once all four athletes have completed each of the drills.
* Each team member then bear crawls 50m to finish. Time stops when last team member has crossed finish line.