Warm Up: –  “Mainstreet Loop”

Halloween WOD: –

Teams will consist of 3-4 athletes.

Athletes must complete each task before 

moving on.

Reps can be broken up in any manner and 

there are no minimums per athlete



For Time:

1 mile Graveyard relay

2 athletes will run 400m while the other 

2 athletes will complete box jumps until the 

running partners come back. Each box jump will 

reduce your teams final time by  3 seconds.

100 Dead body flops

1 athlete works on burpees

2 athletes complete OTB medball situps . Each rep

will reduce your teams time by 2 seconds.

1 athlete RESTS

100 Coffin pick ups

1 athlete works on deadlifts

2 athletes hold at the top of a pushup

1 athlete RESTS

50 Human Centipedes

4 athletes must line up and place hands on the 

shoulders of the team mate in front of them.

Perform 50 squats as a team.

If the Centipede breaks; 10 squat penalty is added!