Scenario WOD:

You and two friends are hiking to the summit of a nearby mountain with very little gear. At the base of the summit, your friend challenges you to a race to the top. You gladly accept! 

When you arrive at the summit, you find an older gentlemen lying on the ground in obvious pain. Upon further inspection, you find that his leg is severely broken and he is in shock. The man cannot descend the mountain under his own power. 

The sun is going down and you and your friends must get him to the base of the mountain to receive medical care as soon as possible. You must be as gentle with him as to avoid further injury. The map in your pocket will help you decide on the fastest / safest route to the bottom. 










Teams of 2-3 : each person carries 10#

Jog/run to the base of the courthouse stairs

Sprint/race your teammates to the top

Carry the “old man” through the checkpoints on the map

At the “fallen tree” each teammate must help cut the tree out of the path

The “old man” must be carried overhead at the “river”

Finish with the “old man” inside the gym for time.