Warm Up: – TEAM WARM UP! 

Teams of 3

10 min athletes choice

WOD #1: – AMRAP 4   (blue)

P1: Air Squats (for score)

P2: Tire flips

P3: Rest OR help with flips

**Team must flip tire entire distance

before changing squatter**

REST 7 min

WOD #2: – AMRAP 4  (green)

P1: 10 pushups

P2: 1 rope climb

P3: 1 rope climb

**Team works simultaneously**

**Team works down the list**

REST 7 min

WOD #3: – AMRAP 4  (brown)

P1: 150m row

P2: 7 burpees over the rower

P3: Rest

**Person coming off rower becomes P3**

**P2 completes burpees then rows**

REST 7 min

WOD #4: – AMRAP 4  

P1: 8 kb swings

P2: 4 box jump overs

P3: Rest

**Only 1 kb & box per team unless Co-ed**

**P2 begins when P1 completes swings**